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Villa Chiarelli, events venue, is a perfect location specialized to plan weddings.
Stables’ park, rose garden’s park, Villa’s park, the tensile structure, the cellars, the Piano Nobile and the stables will welcome your event or wedding and its will give you memorable moments.
Unlike many locations, here you can plan your event or wedding according to your tastes and needs, without having to find forced and standard compromises: you will decide each details of your event or wedding.

A location full of history

Villa Chiarelli is a historic house built in the 17th century by the Chiarelli Counts to control the agricultural developments in their fields. During World War II it was a German headquarters while after the war, it was the home of many local families. Franco Govoni’s acquisition, one of Renazzo neighbour’s inhabitants, began a wise restoration. To the continuous challenges research, in 2011 he acquired Villa Chiarelli trying to define his own setting for events organization.

The perfect set
for an unforgettable


Villa Chiarelli is at your complete disposal to HELP YOU in Your Wedding organization in Italy with a Multiple availability of different spaces: the Stables Park, the Villa Park, the Rose Garden’s Park, the Piano Nobile, the Stabbles, the Cellars and the Lamellar Hall can guarantee Your Wedding regardless of your guests number.
Here you can really personalize your event and make it unique, you can organize everything from the first steps and our aim it to make the planning of your wedding as pleasurable and stress free as possible.

Business events

Your company’s achieved goals deserve to be celebrated and if you select Villa Chiarelli you can give the right prestige to your event and the result will be exactly as you have imagined it. These are not isolated episodes and if you are looking for your perfect event which guarantees an unforgettable and unforeseen event you can stop your search: you are in the right place!

Are you ready to plan you event at VillaChiarelli?

Trust Simone Resca and his long experience in event management