Wedding in Italy

Plan your wedding in Italy in totally clam and quite of mind

The wedding, by definition, is an important and unique day and you want unforgettable moments for your guests and you.

To plan a wedding in Italy, it could involves so many problems and unexpected situations that you would never happened at your Wedding.

But this is the moment to look for the Vendors in Italy

uniqueness, originality and News are elements that you would like to characterize your Wedding, but actually you have many doubts and uncertainty.

Many locations promise you the perfect wedding as a tailor-made dress but at the end you will have a standard result because of weather conditions, for convenience or necessity, your event will be realized under a classic open or closed gazebo or in a diminish Villa as a simply frame.

Villa Chiarelli, surrounded by green Ferrara’s countrysides, can offer you the possibility to optimize the Villa and its italian Park, based on newlyweds’ choice both in case of good and unfavourable weather.
The weather is the first big problem for some wedding venue, above all in countrusides, and sometimes you are forced to think of a plan A and a plan B, but are you sure that all wedding venues have a plan B?

Over-optimistic Location Managers put often this topic in the background, overestimating their location real capacity and blaming an unsuccessful event on catering company’ inability to exploit well the space and to not be equipped to handle that situation.

Villa Chiarelli

is at your complete disposal to help You in Your Wedding organization in Italy

Villa Chiarelli is at your complete disposal to HELP YOU in Your Wedding organization in Italy with a Multiple availability of different spaces: the Stables Park, the Villa Park, the Rose Garden’s Park, the Piano Nobile, the Stabbles, the Cellars and the Lamellar Hall can guarantee Your Wedding regardless of your guests number.
Here you can really personalize your event and make it unique, you can organize everything from the first steps and our aim it to make the planning of your wedding as pleasurable and stress free as possible.

This is our big difference!

A perfect Wedding Location must have dedicated spaces for every single moment:

Cocktail hour

During cocktail hour, guests socialize while drinking and eating appetizers

Lunch or Dinner

place with adequate space to set easily all the tables with enough space for games, jokes and music

Cake cutting

this is one of the most important moment during your wedding, which it must have a dedicated space where you can create a beautiful scenery and atmosphere in order to immortalize indelible moments


for an optimal and funny closure, without any restrictive schedules

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Do you know that you can celebrate the Ceremony in Italy directly at Villa Chiarelli?

Another feature of Villa Chiarelli is the Ceremony at Villa:

the presence of our consecrated church, dedicated to St. Charles Borromeo can welcome your wedding Ceremony or it can be simply a photographic frame.
If you prefer the Civil Rite in Villa, we can also provide you our Wedding officiant.
At the moment the Civil Rite in Villa has no legal value but it’s a official Rite copy in order to optimize your guests’ movement in a unique but more evocative venue.

In order to not take anything for granted the property or its staff will be present on site during the whole event.

For a perfect guarantee for a real Italian wedding, Villa Chiarelli recommends its catering and banqueting service “Da Freak” specialized in Italian cousin, in full compliance with home cooking at Km “0”, or seafood to satisfy each taste.

Do you want to organize your Civil Rite at Villa Chiarelli?