Villa Chiarelli

Events venue

Villa Chiarelli, events venue, is a perfect location specialized to plan weddings

Stables’ park, rose garden’s park, Villa’s park, the tensile structure, the cellars, the Piano Nobile and the stables will welcome your event or wedding and its will give you memorable moments.

All these evocative places, the atmosphere and the textile and lamellar halls capacity can satisfy your requires and needs, from the small to the big event, in any weather condition, from the first steps to the post-event. You can enjoy every single moment of your event or wedding and we will do all we can to ensure a happy and stress-free planning process.

Unlike many locations, here you can plan your event or wedding according to your tastes and needs, without having to find forced and standard compromises: you will decide each details of your event or wedding.

Villa Chiarelli

A historic abode for your event

Villa Chiarelli is a historic house built in the 17th century by the Chiarelli Counts to control the agricultural developments in their fields. It was a summer residence used only few months a year, and it overlooked Ferrara’s countryside.
During World War II it was a German headquarters while after the war, it was the home of many local families, that still now it recalls special and indelible moments of their lives inside this location.
It had left to decay until 1991 when after Franco Govoni’s acquisition, one of Renazzo neighbour’s inhabitants, began a wise restoration of this place bringing it back to the top only after ten years.
Villa Chiarelli is currently the setting for numerous events and weddings and it’s leaving indelible memories in the minds of those who live and partecipate in it, as in the past.

Villa Chiarelli nowadays

Simone Resca’s experience

Simone Resca, was born in Cento and raised in Castello d’Argile, he loves the territory, the nature and his countryside with its history. He graduated with the Hotel Institute “ Orio Vergani” and he began his culinary experience in the local kitchens and also in other parts of Italy.

In 2001, he created his own catering company and Banqueting, and he organized private catering events and weddings.

To the continuous challenges research, in 2011 he acquired Villa Chiarelli trying to define his own setting for events organization and above all, without being limited by the standard marriage rules of the other locations.

Only by doing this, he can guarantee to create every time a unique experience for his customers.

Hi, I’m Simone!

I am honored to welcome you at Villa Chiarelli, you can count on me from the beginning at your first visit to the Villa, and I put at your disposal my twenty years of experience in events and weddings organization to create your unique and original event.